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“ Since early childhood fine art has been a big part of my life.  I was born two houses down from The Hermitage Museum and two blocks away from the Russian Museum, therefore my childhood life was closely connected with art.  Instead of playing street games, I spent my spare time in halls of these remarkable museums, absorbed art with every sell of my body.

It didn’t work out to take art classes.  University, mathematics, physics, scientific researches, family.. . I began to paint only after I retired.

Everything that was observed and collected during my trips to Europe, Russia and America, is reflected in my somewhat naive imaginary miniatures, created with joy and big love. When I paint my characters in their environment, I live their lives, I talk to them,  I love them.

I will be happy to see if my paintings make you smile, evoke warm feelings to my characters and bring you joy.”    Ludmila


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